Baby Hamper Project

The Baby hamper project was specifically initiated to help the needy and vulnerable children in the communities with clothing. Thusong Projects ask for used and new clothing donations from different stake holders and the public in general, after acquiring the clothing we wash them and pack them according to different ages of children then donate them to destitute and needy children in the communities.

Blanket Drive

The main purpose of this project is to produce polar fleece items and sell them at a reasonable price. The money generated by this project is then used to manufacture or buy more blankets, socks, bennies and scarfs and donate them to those who are in need especially during the winter times.

Disability support

The main purpose of the project is to promote disability awareness and to donate assistive devices to people with different disabilities. Over and above the intention is to assist various disability organizations with some of their needs as and when we can.

Crafts Room

The main purpose of this project is to give training to unemployed individuals within the community in different crafts, we previously did basic sewing classes, we are now currently still investigating other crafts training we could offer to the communities however we are still providing organizations that do crafts work with raw materials such as wools, loomsets. Beads, paints, brushes etc.


Soup Kitchen/Nursery and Veggies

The main purpose of this project is to grow vegetables in the nursery and you the same veggies to cook soup (800 liters per day) and serve it to different organizations (schools, churches, old age homes, disability centers, crèches and charity organizations per day the


Total number number of soup recipients is 6373, of which children 2066


Hostel Projects

1. Food Security/ Food Parcels

2. Mandela Day

3. Crime prevention

4. Trauma Centre

5. Animal Welfare

6. Student job creation

7. Feminine packs

8. Disaster Relief packs

9. House of safety

10. Discretionary/Diverse Donations

This are some of the projects that we do, for example if there is an organization that is doing a project for crime prevention and they request help from us we then assist them under Crime prevention. However, if we have any request that doesn’t fall under any of our mentioned projects we help through Diverse donations.


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